Supreme Poly Shopper;

Photographed & Edited

Cost in fashion; fast or slow, couture or street has always been a variable of "cool" depending on just what style you associate yourself with. As of lately a blurred line of high fashion and streetwear have created a new mold of what tangible and intangible value for what you wear really means. Brands like Supreme have done well to keep their prices relatively the same though one would predict, the arguably most popular streetwear brand in the world, would have definitely raised their prices way beyond that of what we've seen and see a seldom decrease in popularity.

Regardless of the way we see fashion and style, they are now transcending the tangible cost. We see the value in brands that associate with us, brands that use sustainable and ethical solutions to make clothing and new found businesses that thrive off of the "second-hand economy" showing us the value in reduce, reuse, recycle and repair. This new wave of thinking is already having an effect on why we buy the clothes we do, with great style now comes great responsibility.

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